I’m currently living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m working, as a PostDoc researcher, at the Department of Methodology and Statistics at the Tilburg University in the Netherlands. I’m researching and modelling the p-hacking phenomena, and interested in the application of Differential Privacy to improve the robustness of the hypothesis testing.

Besides my work, I’m interested in iOS and macOS apps, and I occasionally write about them, check /u/amirmasoudabdol and @amirmasoudabdol. As a hobby, I’m occasionally playing video games, mainly Heroes of the Storm these days.

After months of anxiety and stress, I think I’m feeling rather better these days. I’m talking to my therapist regularly. Besides his help on how to deal with anxiety, I’m learning a great deal about how the brain works, how to live, how to learn.

I’ve recently finished “Reasons to Stay Alive” by Matt Haig. The book is a nice biography of the writer himself. The anxiety, depression and panic attacks that he went through. For me, the take away from the book was the fact that many more people are dealing with these issues. This makes me feel understood and calms me down. Matt has published a follow up to his book called “Notes on a Nervous Planet” and it’s already in my reading list.

I didn’t have time, or maybe not motivated enough, to pursue the Processing and Creative Coding. However, I’m managed to read some about Object Oriented Design Patterns. I enjoy reading the “Design Patterns. Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” for now, and I think I’ll be busy with it for a few months.

Updated: Oct, 2018.

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