I’m out of academia, after almost a decade! I mean, technically, I’m not; since I’m still working at the University of Amsterdam, as a software developer! I am one of the Core Developer of JASP, a statistical software that tries to rival big names like SPSS, and SAS. It’s built on top of Qt framework, R.1

These days, I’m mainly working on the back-end of the app, rewriting their build system, from Qmake to CMake, and upgrading some of their outdated procedures. We just merged this massive PR that I feel very proud of: Qt 6.2 / C++17 / CMake. I think after dealing with the backend, I’m going to focus on integrating some more tools into their development pipelines to reduce the errors, and establish some coding standards, e.g., clang-format, clang-tidy.

Updated: May 2nd, 2022.

  1. I will be stop working at JASP by the end of May 2022. 

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