Dec 20 2020


During this lockdown period with long hours of screentime every day, my eyes started to become very sensitive to white background. Luckily, these days most websites and operation systems offer Dark Mode by default. However, I realized that the documentation websites of most R packages do not support dark theme, and since I’m working with R packages every day, I had to do something about it. So, I decided to develop a template for {pkgdown} that can take advantage of some of the modern capabalities of modern browsers.

From the project website:

preferably is an accessible template for pkgdown documentation websites. It uses a light and a dark theme and utilizes the prefers-color-scheme CSS variable to automatically serve either of the two based on users’ operating system setting, or allowing them to manually toggle between them.

Besides offering light and dark mode, I spent some time making the overall reading experience of ‘pkgdown’ documentations just a bit nicer, by using richer fonts, adopting a better color scheme for codes, etc.