Dec 26 2020

San Francisco Themes

There are many, many, many different color palettes available for {ggplot2}, and the list is growing daily. In short, {sfthemes} is technically an another set of colors and palettes that is inspired by iOS/macOS/watchOS system colors. These palettes are vibrant and are designed to be easily distinguishable in differnt screen sizes and brightness settings. Moreover, they offer optimized variants for light and dark mode.

From the project website:

sfthemes is a pair of ggplot2 themes, theme_sf_light(), theme_sf_dark(), and a collection of color scales based on Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Themes are inspired by the occasional appearances of charts used by Apple within different contexts, e.g., Apple Health app, Screen Time on iOS and macOS. And colors are adapted from iOS, macOS, and watchOS system colors. Each color scale has a light and dark variant as well that compliments the light/dark themes, scale_colour_ios_light() and scale_colour_ios_dark(), respectively. In addition, sfthemes uses dynamic type sizing in order to provide a consistent and elegant overall resizing and re-scaling of plot elements. Read more here.